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Name:Yutaka Seto: Boy #12
Official Bio
Name: Yutaka Seto: Boy #12
Age: 15
Height: 150cm (5'0'')
Weight: 50kg (110 lbs)
Designated Weapon: Fork
Summary: Class clown, more through necessity than choice (ref.: personal dossier / sub-ref.: interpersonal relationships). Decidedly non-physical, verging on frail. Sweet-natured and sentimental, which makes his close friendship with Shinji Mimura (ref.: Boy #19) that much more puzzling.
Conclusion: An early elimination, barring unforeseen alliance(s).

"And I'm probably going something monumentally stupid before we're through. That's pretty much a given... And you'll be there to pick me up and dust me off and make it okay. Like always, right?"

Yutaka comes from an alternate timeline where the Imperial Japanese Army never collapsed, and Japan became incorporated into a much larger territory known as Greater East Asia. In order to control population numbers, as well as to dissuade uprising against the totalitarian regime, the "republic" picks a random junior high class every year and traps them in a predetermined arena, where all 40+ classmates must partake in a televised fight to the death until only one emerges victorious. This is the Battle Royale Act.

Born in the gritty town of Shiroiwa, Yutaka comes from an impoverished family. When he was thirteen, he discovered a homeless puppy and began taking care of it. The landlord of the apartment building he lived in wouldn't let him keep pets indoors, so he kept the puppy hidden in a box in the alley alongside the building. Bullies from school discovered the dog and began physically tormenting Yutaka over it. Yutaka unzipped his pants and retaliated with his signature move, "The Yellow Death." (...Yeah, they're teenage boys.) Shinji "Mim" Mimura, the local popular boy and a computer ace, was either impressed by Yutaka's daring or endeared by his stupidity. They have been best friends ever since.

When Yutaka and Mim's class was selected to partake in the Program, the two boys teamed up and decided to rebel. They quickly began the construction of a bomb they called "Fumiyo's Revenge," named after the girl Yutaka had a crush on, who was killed at the onset of the Program. With Fumiyo's Revenge, they planned to decimate the government officials holding them captive.

Tensions arose between the friends when a third boy, Keita Iijima, attempted to join their ranks, only for Mim to kill him out of paranoia and distrust.

Yutaka is roughly the height and weight of a twelve-year-old; most mistake him for that age range until they get a better look at his face. He is not very bright; on the contrary, he relies on Mim's intelligence and protection to a fault. What he is is kind. He is willing to give anyone a second, third, and fourth chance, no matter what they have done to him, no matter whether they deserve it. He acts very outgoing and goofy in order to build a niche for himself in the school community, knowing that his irregular height would otherwise make him the target of more bullying.
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